Safe Deposit Boxes and Vault Storage

Panama Gold Bullion is proud to announce the formalization of it’s partnership with Fort Kobbe Vaults, located in the Panama Pacifico Special Economic Free Trade Zone.

Panama Gold Bullion is really excited about this new partnership and about what it is able to offer you as a client as well as us. I look forward to hearing back from you with your feedback on this change. I would also suggest looking at the Fort Kobbe Vaults website to familiarize yourself with the range of services offered

Why we no longer recommend or promote other Safe Deposit Box Facilities in Panama!

As our clients are aware, Panama Gold Bullion has always maintained close relationships with a number of local safety deposit box facilities in Panama. 

But after numerous requests and recommendations from our clients who are unhappy with their current Safe Deposit Box facilities and service here in Panama our team started conducting extensive research and due diligence on possible providers not only in Panama, but in the entire Latin American and Caribbean market.

After listening to our clients, it became obvious that there were some important requirements needed in a facility so I decided to set out to find and formalize a relationship with a World-Class Physical Safe Deposit Box and Precious Metals Vaulting partner.

The most common requirements requested by our clients are:

    • A Safe Deposit Box and Vaulting facility with Internationally Security Rated Vaults and Standards
    • A facility that carries an internationally recognized insurance policy
    • A facility that offers fully Segregated and Allocated Vaulting for larger amounts of precious metals not only Safe Deposit Boxes
    • A facility that can handle the international logistics of shipping precious metals in and out of Panama
    • A facility that allows the clients to buy, sell and trade precious metals without having to go through third parties
    • The ability to verify precious metals onsite
    • A facility that is in a Free Trade Zone and can store precious metals bonded if required
    • A facility that handles all the customs for the import and export of precious metals

Why we chose Fort Kobbe Vaults in Panama

After completing extensive due diligence and research not only in Panama but in the entire Latin American region, I found only one Gold and Silver Safe Deposit Box and Vaulting facility that met all the criteria that our clients are looking for and more.

The fact that Fort Kobbe Vaults  ticked every box on my list made it very easy to make the decision to partner with them and here are some of the reasons: 

    • Fort Kobbe Vaults is the ONLY facility in Panama that has UL Rated Vaults. All other facilities in Panama are merely Safe Deposit Boxes placed within strong rooms and do not meet any international security ratings or standards.
    • Fort Kobbe Vaults is the ONLY insured Safe Deposit Box and Vaulting facility in Panama and their insurance is underwritten by Lloyds of London with an insurance cap of US $200 Million.
    • Fort Kobbe Vaults is the only full service Safe Deposit Box and Vaulting facility able to offer clients the following services:
      • International precious metals logistics
      • Assaying of precious metals (Including, XRF, Ultrasonic and Fire Assay)
      • Gold & Silver Loan Programs through partner financial institutions against precious metals held within the Fort Kobbe facilities
      • Greater liquidity to enable seamless transactions.
      • Complete privacy including secure private access for vehicles directly into the facility if required.
      • 24/7 Access to your assets, as Fort Kobbe Vaults can open at any time of day or night for clients with 24-hours notice.
      • Location within the Panama Pacifico Free Trade Zone allows easy shipment in and out of the facility.
      • The ability to purchase your requirements and hold them in a bonded duty-free status if required.
      • International Bullion Partners such as Scottsdale Mint, Kitco, and others which includes buying, selling, and trading possibilities directly from Panama.
      • International deliveries and receipts of your existing or potential purchases, sales or transfers.
      • Access to secure delivery for large orders by companies such as Loomis, Malca Amit, Brinks, Forza etc.

A Special Promotion

For all new and existing Panama Gold Bullion clients who have not opened a box with Fort Kobbe, Fort Kobbe Vaults will give you a 3” x 10” x 24” Safety Deposit Box free for one year with your first purchase of gold or silver over $10,000 USD.

If an existing Panama Gold Bullion client has a Safe Deposit Box with any other facility in Panama, the Caribbean or Latin America, Fort Kobbe Vaults will honor the balance of your existing contract with them (plus give you an additional year free)  and include insurance of $25K for your Safe Deposit Box (additional insurance levels are available upon request)

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